Euangelidzomai (FYI, that’s Greek for ‘preach’)

Click on the links below to download the following sermons preached at the West Islip Church of Christ.  Come back often, the sermons will be updated monthly.

11-6-11 Second Annual Day of Remembrance

The Kenosis Theory
Canteen Raid
Small Talk at the 7-11
X Marks the Spot
The First Theologian
Eagle Lake
The Starbucks Call
The Gotcha Sermon
Chocolate Covered Strawberries


2 Responses to Euangelidzomai (FYI, that’s Greek for ‘preach’)

  1. Deborah Jackson says:

    So good to read/meditate/hear your words again. I miss our time in class… I’ll check in often to see what’s new –

    • Deborah! Thanks for the encouragement. I do not miss missing my family on those many class evenings, or the work load, but I do miss learning in community and the good will that developed between the students at St. Johns. Thanks for stopping over. I update things daily, so don’t be a stranger. 🙂

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