A teller with black dresscoat
An American flag pinned to her lapel
She takes my check for deposit
“Hello Jesse” (she reads my name)
I carry on like she knows me.
It is the right thing to do.
She turns to her work and I notice
A man in a glassed in office
Sitting at a modern desk in a working suit
Pouring over market reports
Setting the bank on a good course, while
Oblivious to proper decorum
Cleaning his ear out with his pencil.
And another woman, stuffed into a skirt
Working a telephone receiver
Like a kitten lapping milk
Giving the percentages for a home equity line of credit
To someone on the other end
Who finds debt the way to happiness.
And another man enters
With a long overcoat
knocking the slush off his boots
And finding a place for his black umbrella.
He is greeted by a team of eager smiles
And a joke about the “God Damn Yankees.”
They give him a chair.
And I remember that at the bank
They know what I am worth.

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One Response to Worth

  1. John says:

    I pray his people have better eyes.

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