The First Annual HTI Surgical Instrument Wrapping Competition


As you know last week Steve, Adam and I were in Guatemala washing and sterilizing surgical instrument sets for Health Talents International.  The drill went like this: (1) receive a blood soaked set of surgical instruments from the surgical nurse; (2) soak the instruments in sink one to remove the majority of the goop; (3) scrub the instruments in sink two to remove the remainder of the goop; (4) rinse the instruments in sink three; (5) dry and sort instruments into the instrument tray; (6) wrap the instrument tray and instruments in two sterilization wraps before putting the set in the autoclave (the wrapping process requires a special method of wrapping so that the surgical circulator who opens the instruments in the operating room can do so without making the instruments unsterile for the surgical nurse that will then pass the instruments to the surgeon).

The wrapping of surgical instrument trays employs a great deal of specialized skills.  It is what separates the ‘aseptic technician’ from a mere dish washer.  Without this specialized skill the good work of HTI would screech to a halt.

Seeing as how Steven and Adam and I are consummate professionals who desire to excel in all things, and seeing as how we are also immature macho male types who thrive on competition and chest pounding victories, we decided to have an instrument wrapping competition to improve our skills and to humiliate and emasculate each other.  There are four videos posted below which chronicle the First Annual HTI Instrument Wrapping Competition (it wouldn’t surprise me if this fledgling sport works its way to the Olympics in due time).

I hope you enjoy the ‘hard work’ we accomplished in Guatemala.  I want to thank Adam and Steve for making this such a memorable week.  Their friendship is special.  I also hope you know that I totally let them win–cause I feel sorry for them.

Jesse Pettengill (alleged 3rd Place)

**Steve and Adam analyzed my video in comparison to their own and said that I was a second slower.  I think this is ridiculous.  I have appealed to the International Committee on Fairness, and Justice, and All Things Right, and am awaiting their review and my vindication.  Until then, let’s move on with the competition.

Adam Cotter (aka Taylor Swift)

Steve Cotter

**Steve and Adam bickered incessantly over who won the competition.  As noted earlier they colluded to suggest that their attempts at wrapping (and I am being kind here) were both a second faster than mine (preposterous).  This meant that the two of them were tied after the first timed wrappings.  Being the sage source of wisdom in the group I suggested a side by side father/son wrap off.

**Note [spoiler alert]:  In watching this final video note the move Steve Cotter makes at the very end with both arms thrusting back in victory [Hu-hah!].

Winner: Steve Cotter

Loser: Adam Cotter

Sad victim of unfair oppression who will rise again to crush his opponents: Jesse

Bonus Video (Steve changes the water in the water cooler)

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2 Responses to The First Annual HTI Surgical Instrument Wrapping Competition

  1. Average Joe B. says:


  2. Debbi Basini-Herman says:

    You guys are too funny…welcome home to your family and your church family Jesse

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