Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill Day 5)

Disclaimer:  Adam, Steve, and Jesse get along really well.  We love each other with the love of the Lord.  We share a common Spirit.  In a post-apocalyptic world we would share the last food ration equally.  However, our ability to show affection is limited to the carefully executed insult.  These insults are less harmful hits on our fragile self esteems and more expressions of warmth and endearment.  So no worries.

Jesse and Adam’s Wednesday exercise routine: 8 laps around the compound (two miles),

P90X---pfft! Child's play!

90 pushups, 40 crunches, 40 leg lift crunches, 30 reverse planks.  We are considering various offers for product endorsements.  Our agents are very busy.  Somebody came up to us today and said our workouts reminded them of P90X.  We told them that P90X was child’s play.

Breakfast: Ham and cheese omelets, black beans, fried plantains, sour cream sauce, toast and jelly, cantaloupe, assorted cereals, freshly squeezed orange juice.

In our morning surgeries we had two incidents that required a bit of damage control.  One of our general surgeons, David, and one of our GYN surgeons, Anne Marie, got stuck with needles while performing their surgeries.  This, apparently, is not an uncommon phenomenon.  The two patients they were working on were given an HIV test to assure that they did not have the immune deficiency disease.   Both tests came back negative.   All is well that ends well.

Our first GYN surgery lasted for three hours and forty-five minutes.  It was a difficult case with multiple procedures.  Unfortunately when they removed the uterus it dragged across the instrument tray.  Needless to say, it was a very messy set to clean.

Lunch: Roasted peppers and chicken, Spanish rice, mixed veggies (carrots, peas, string beans, & onions), pizza [just kidding…we didn’t have any pizza], handmade tortillas,

Adam in sterile gloves is moving an ostheoscope from the cidex to a sterilized tray.

watermelon, cantaloupe juice.

Sometimes instruments cannot be sterilized in the steam autoclaves because they are sensitive to heat.  One such item is a special scope that the urologist brought down to help perform his surgeries.  He sticks the scope up the urethra to look at the bladder (and perhaps other things).  This instrument must be sterilized in a chemical called cidex.  It sets in the cidex for a certain amount of time and then someone with sterile gloves removes it from the cidex and rinses it in sterile water.  The item is then placed on a sterile tray with sterile towels and is brought into the surgical room.  The pictures to the right shows Adam and Steve removing the scope from the cidex and preparing it for the urologist’s use.

Dinner: Steak, homemade salsa, pasta salad, tortillas chips, handmade tortillas, refried black beans, freshly squeezed lemonade.

We finished our last surgical set at 8:30.  We were only an hour and half late for supper.  All the surgeries went well today.  Steve and Adam suggested that I sign up for a trip to Lake Atitlan tomorrow, so I did.  Steve tells me that Aldous Huxley described Lake Atitlan as the most beautiful lake in the world.  I am excited.

I have to continue on sermon prep.  So ‘night all!  Thanks for the great comments on the blog.  Sorry I do not have the internet time to answer you.  Courtney–yes, you are coming next year!

Back by popular demand–>Conversations heard in the sterilization room:

Adam [to Jesse]: You do know that a girls scrub top right?

Jesse [offended]: No it isn’t.

Adam: Yes it is, it has a bust line.

Jesse: No it doesn’t!

Adam: And look how the neck line overlaps.

Jesse: That doesn’t mean anything!

….Jesse exits and returns a few minutes later

Adam: I see you changed your top.

Jesse: Shut up.


Jesse [after seeing a ribbon of tissue and blood floating in his sink water]: That’s a nice ribbon!

Adam: Why don’t you put it in your hair.

Steve: He’d have to find his hair first.

[Hardy guffaws]

Jesse: Har har har!…[a moment passes]…that’s going to have to go on the blog.


Steve [to Jesse]: Why don’t you take a break and supervise Adam.

Jesse: That ain’t no break.


Jesse [to Adam, after receiving a text about Manny’s successful practice for NYSMA]: That’s called talent Adam, you inherit it from your parents.

Adam [throwing his arms up]: You can see why I’m short changed.

Jesse: Nice!  Karin’s going to love reading that.


Jesse [to Adam]: Your dad is moving up my ‘favorite person’ list.  He used to be 45, now he’s like 43.

Adam:  Who’s number two?

Jesse: Why?

Adam: Cause I know I’m number one.

Jesse:  Ha!  I got a list you’re number one on.


Jesse [generally to the room]: Something stinks over by the sink.

Steve [who happened to be standing by the stink]: Hey, that’s not nice.

Jesse: It’s actually Adam [who was not near the sink], he’s a smell ventriloquist so he can throw his stench.


Sweet, kind, gentle, polite, Gary [painfully watching Adam try to play a game of solitaire]:  You’re not very good at this are you?


Steve [to Adam, after winning and then dealing another round of German Whist]: There is an element of luck to this game so I guess you will win eventually.

Adam and Steve working hard.

"Which one of you is talking bad about me?!"

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8 Responses to Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill Day 5)

  1. Debbi Basini-Herman says:

    Good job guys…report more tomorrow….the beautiful NY weather is changing and we have dreary today…Isabella didn’t call me back last night…what’s a grandmummy to do!

  2. LUGDON LODGE says:

    We googled Lake Atitlan, it is beautiful, but then Manny and I wondered if that paragraph was sarcastic because when we looked on the map it was quite a ways away from Montellano. So, if you go, take lots of pictures. If it was sarcastic, don’t laugh too hard at us for believing you!!
    The kids love the “conversations” section!

  3. Average Joe B. says:

    ya gotta watch out for those sharps!! My Dad [a Marine] ended up getting stabbed cleaning something but was trying to hide it. Rick Harper convinced him it was serious business.. thankfully the HIV test was negative… Be safe! it already looks like you are having fun!!
    PS- Jesse; I dont know if it is your typing skills but I can actually read Steves ‘accent’ in your writings!!

  4. Methel says:

    I’m wondering if you actually get any work done–I really think you spend most of your time laughing!

  5. Rebecca Basini says:

    I find it rather gross that after you describe all the dirty instruments or surgeries you talk about your next meal in detail… How can you eat after that?!

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