Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill Day 4)

Adam and Jesse’s Tuesday exercise routine: 8 laps around the compound (two miles), 90

A lean fighting machine!

pushups, 40 leg elevated crunches, 40 ab chairs, 100 ankle slaps. Folks want our autographs. They think we are in the Olympics.

Breakfast: Hot pancakes with syrup, fried eggs, black beans, fried plantains, handmade tortillas, pineapple, freshly squeezed tangerine juice.

Patient Update: One of our patients from yesterday who had part of his prostate removed dropped dangerously low in blood pressure. Three of our workers gave blood and he received a transfusion this morning. As the day went on his health continued to improve.

Today we completed 19 surgeries. The work was steady, but not overwhelming. The most unusual case was the

A "not so lean fighting machine."

removal of a testicle in a 37 year old man. It had never descended. The other was apparently working well though (he had 4 children).

Lunch: Chicken in sauce (?), Spanish rice, handmade tortillas, Watermelon, red juice (I had a diet coke).

For the first time this week we finished our work before dinner. This was a welcome relief for all of us. In between surgical sets I have been working on a memorial sermon for Sunday’s reunion. As of the writing of this blog it is half finished. I underestimated how difficult this task would be while here. I want to do a very good job, especially in light of the special nature of the event. Therefore I am going to cut the blog a bit short so I can

This meal is so fantastic! Adam had like seven plates.

work on it this evening.

Dinner: Chili relleῆos, red sauce with onions, Spanish rice, nachos, guacamole, handmade tortillas, pineapple upside down cake, tamarin juice (this was the juice we had last night as well).

Bonus Material

Actual conversations heard in the sterilization room:

Adam: I think I’m going to go and check out the hysterectomies.

Steve [with a strange look to Jesse]: It sounds like he’s thinking about buying one. ________________________________________________________

Rick [after removing a surgical blade from knife handle]: Okay, I need to put that in a ‘sharps’ container.

Jesse [to Adam]: They ought to put my wit in a ‘sharps’ container. ________________________________________________________

Jesse: Do you think we should run the autoclave for just those two speculums?

Steve: Nah, they got speculums up the wazoo–oh, that’s probably not the right expression to use.


Doris [to Jesse]: Thank you Adam.

Jesse: Well, I’ve been called worse, but not very often. ________________________________________________________

Adam: My usual gaggle of girls isn’t following me around this year.

Steve, Jesse, Gary, and everyone else within earshot: [silence] _______________________________________________________

Adam [to Jesse]: I’m gonna donate my hair to ‘locks of love’ for when you are bald. _______________________________________________________

Rich Harper [referring to his policy regarding his children and college]: My wife and I don’t pay for “C’s”.

Jesse: Hey Adam, does it make you nervous that Rick is telling that to your dad?

Adam: What Steve doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Jesse: It still makes me laugh when you call him Steve. ________________________________________________________

Roger McCown [the chaplain, responding to a mistake he made]: This is strange territory, I’ve never made a mistake before.

Jesse: If you need some pointers ask Adam. _________________________________________________________

Adam [to Jesse, commenting on how popular Jesse’s blog is now that Adam is on it]: You’d be nothing without me.

Jesse: Yeah, it’s like I’m the circus owner and you’re the freak show.

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5 Responses to Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill Day 4)

  1. LUGDON LODGE says:

    Take Adam up on his offer – he does have great hair!
    love you, work hard!

  2. Average Joe B. says:

    I am really enjoying this blog. although I am bummed for not being there I feel as though I am in spirit. Rick is a fun guy to have around too. you guys must be having too much fun!

  3. Debbi Basini-Herman says:

    Steve and Karin have the cutest kids…Jets and Giants schedule came out today Jesse….

  4. John White says:

    What fun to electronically look over your shoulders and listen in on the playful exchanges! My three sessions at Clínica Ezell were among the most satisfying work I have ever done. The humor was a valuable part of the healing process then, too. You are in my prayers every night, of course. Give my warmest regards to Rick Harper, please.

  5. Rebecca Basini says:

    Really loving all the updates! I might just go one day to hear live the banter between Jesse and Adam ! Your all doing great work and setting such a wonderful example for all of us!

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