Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill–Day 2)

Adam and Jesse’s Sunday morning exercise routine: 8 laps around the compound (two miles), 84 pushups, 30 sit ups, 40 side crunches, 80 ankle slaps.  We made it look easy.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, black beans, sour cream sauce, fried plantains, fresh cantaloupe (I mean ‘fresh’), handmade tortillas, freshly squeezed orange juice.

End result: No net gain from the exercise.

After preparing the autoclaves for the day we walked out of the compound and across the street and attended church with the locals of Montellano.  The singing was loud and heartfelt.  The preaching elicited laughs and fervent head-nods from the gathered faithful.  The prayer leader was joined by others in the congregation who prayed their own prayer out loud while the leader petitioned God over the loud speakers.  I did not understand one word of any of it, but it was still worship-ful.  At one point in the sermon Adam started laughing.  Apparently the preacher made a joke about ‘banos.‘  [sigh]

Lunch: Grilled chicken, cucumber and onion salad, Spanish rice, fresh watermelon, handmade tortillas, homemade salsa, fresh squeezed cantaloupe juice.

After lunch we trained two new people in all aspects of sterilization.  It felt strange for the

Adam and Steve removing sterile tape from an instrument wrap. Adam looks tough. Notice the collection of tape on Steve's leg.

banker, the preacher, and the first year pre-med student to be given this important task.  In spite of our day jobs the training went well and our students were quick learners.

The surgeries started slowly and the promise of an early first night quickly faded.  Seventeen surgeries were scheduled; only fourteen were completed.  We finished the day at 9 PM and gathered for the evening devotional.  Our final surgical set was from a gynecological surgery.  We saved Adam the unenviable task of cleaning the weighted speculum.  We’re kind like that.  🙂

The evening devotional was a lead by Chaplain Roger McKown.  Roger is on the board of directors of HTI, and is a minister for a church in Austin, Texas.  Roger also was a missionary in Guatemala for twelve years.  He explained a great deal to us about the Mayan conflation of Roman Catholicism and animism.  He spoke from Jesus’ encounter with Samaritan woman at the well about our need to be culturally sensitive, and to meet people where they are, and to know that what we say and how we act in our service matters.

Oh, I almost forgot–dinner: Beef roast, Spanish rice, strangely delicious green squash, handmade tortilllas, hibiscus juice.

Rick Harper handed us songs books before the evening devotional and told us to pick out any favorites.  Steve chose “As the Deer.”  Go Steve!

I missed Manny’s LAX game today because of my Guatemala travels.  Shannon was kind enough to send me a few pictures.

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5 Responses to Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill–Day 2)

  1. LUGDON LODGE says:

    84 push-ups? That’s it? Were you taking it easy for Adam’s sake?
    We miss you, the kids prayed for all the patients you will see this week and Abby added “especially any little sisters who have annoying big brothers and still have to be sick – Help their brothers be nice to them and for them to feel better” So, if you happen to notice any little sisters, you can let them know that Abby is praying especially for them!
    love you,

  2. Karin says:

    I notice you didn’t mention Steve in your morning exercise routine!

  3. Sarah C. says:

    I have no idea what ankle slaps are, but I now have this fantastic mental image of you and Adam flailing about, dancing from side to side as you slap your ankles. Thanks, Jesse!

  4. laughterinthislife says:

    Hope your adventures continue to be just as entertaining as the first two days!

    Erin A.

  5. Average Joe says:

    i was wondering about those ankle slaps too?… and 84 push-ups? I’d be with Steve doing “whatever” else!

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