Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill–Day 1)

Day one in Guatemala is nearing its end.  I would like to tell you of the great hardships we have faced as indefatigable humanitarian missionaries (FTR, Adam did not think ‘indefatigable’ was a word), hardships that would have crushed less adventurous and weaker souls, hardships that would test the commitments of the most faithful of God’s humble servants, but as luck would have it we faced no hardships.  For real, not one.   Our greatest inconvenience (and understand I am searching far and wide for something to complain about) was the lengthy serpentine line we encountered while pushing through security at Bush International in Houston.  My carry on was heavy.  My lower back hurt.  Poor me.

On the flight to Guatemala City Adam and I worked diligently on the inflight magazine crossword puzzle.  It was a gargantuan effort.  Sweat beaded on our foreheads.  In the end we began making up words that fit into the cute little boxes.  Not even Steve could save us (he did not know, for instance, whether a three letter word for an Albanian coin was ‘lek’ or ‘lev.’)  He was a our life-line (I had lobbied for Karin).

When we arrived in Guatemala we made our way through customs, gathered our luggage, and proceeded to the established rendezvous point where we were to meet the bus to drive us the three hours to Clinic Ezell in Montellano.  The bus ride is always a dreadful affair.  Our usual transportation is a refurbished throw away school bus discarded long ago by busing companies in the states.  The seats are designed for kindergartners and the leaf springs are stiff as board.  We had prepared our minds for our moment of trial.  Our resolve was hard as steel.  Our fortitude unrelenting.

To our great surprise a luxury coach bus wheeled up to the curb where we stood with our luggage.  When we realized our posh accommodations we all felt a bit of guilt for having had the bitter cup pass from us.  Then we screamed giddy yelps of great joy and danced in the streets.  The ride was exquisite.  The bus was air conditioned (JoLee is going to be so jealous).

Other details of the day–we had a Spanish type of lasagne for supper, along with broccoli, garlic bread, and tortillas.  We washed it down with generous glasses of violet colored hibiscus juice.  Adam, Steve, and I are bunking in the same room.  I got the big bed.  Clergy privilege.  We all brought lots of snacks in keeping with the tradition of the sterilization room being an oasis for goodie-lovers.  Apparently others who have come with us before remembered our tradition and also brought snacks.  Presently the sterilization room has more chocolate than Hershey PA.  And you know what, we like it that way!

Oh, and Adam led our closing prayer tonight.  Go Adam!

Okay, my big bed is calling.  I’ll have more substantial reflections in the morrow.

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One Response to Guatever! (Cotter and Pettengill–Day 1)

  1. Roxana says:

    Sounds great Jesse and co. The Romanian coin is “leu”. I am jelous on your exquisite bus ride. We r in my minivan on Belt Parkway hiting all the potholes as we r returning from a Red Bulls socer game. You mentioned chocolate? The place is calling me. Chocolate is my #1 weekness. Peace and safety.

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