Because all theology should be able to be explained on a ukulele and because my 50th post should be something special

Song courtesy of Geoff Eggins at

The doctrine of the trinity
is a tricky thing to grasp you see
‘cause the maths tells us that one is three
and our brain says no I can’t agree.
But though it’s hard to understand
the Bible’s truth is close at hand
and it shows us in Matthew 3
verse 16 and verse 17 that God, is a trinity.
God is a trinity
three persons He is shown to be
in loving community
He shows us what we ought to be.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
all are God now don’t you see it.
That God is one and one has three
all working together in unity
Our God, He is, a trinity.
Of course one could quibble whether Matthew 3:17-18 is a “truth close at hand” about the makeup of the ‘godhead.’  Trinitarian theology is a product of the church’s theological reflection over the course of time, and owes much of its genesis to Greek philosophy.  Regardless, it holds the treasured position of ‘orthodoxy’ within the church, and should receive our attention as a way that many have experienced the plurality of God through the centuries.
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2 Responses to Because all theology should be able to be explained on a ukulele and because my 50th post should be something special

  1. The Trinity of God is one of the beliefs only Christians hold. Any religion that does not accept the Trinity is suspect. This is because it makes no sense to human logic, but it does make sense to God. After all, who are we to think we can figure out all the answers ourselves?

    ~ VT

    • Victor,

      I appreciate your strong convictions, and you are right, the Trinity is distinctly Christian (as far as I know). I also agree that the Trinity is a strain on our human logic, and would be the first to admit that “God’s ways are not out ways.” And I appreciate the humility you show in your final question.

      In my own life whenever I have felt comfortable with a nailed-down definition of God (a doctrinaire trinitarianism for instance), God has come along and shown me how that definition was lacking. God transcends us. So be it. Having said that I try not to hold any religion in suspicion, and not to make my understanding of God a ‘cast-in-stone’ idol. God reveals God’s-self in myriad ways–I can not control this. So while I appreciate the Trinity, I also recognize its genesis in Greek philosophy (the language of Nicea is replete with Greek metaphysical lingo), and I recognize that others have experienced God out of different world views and schools of philosophy. This does not trouble me, it excites me! God is never dull. There is always more to discover, even in God’s mysterious plurality and oneness.

      Blessings, JP

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