Guatemala–Day 4

Sunday–>4:30 AM run. Monday–>6:00 AM run. Tuesday–>7:00 AM run. By Friday I’ll be running at lunch time. So be it.

Today was smooooooooth. We completed ten surgeries by lunch, everyone was in a groove, it felt good to hit our stride. Most of the early patients were young children. Their hernias required small incisions and light mending. They were in and out quickly, which increased our pace. They schedule the children in the morning so their pre-surgery fast is not extended long into the day, and so they do not have to sit forever on a plastic chair tethered by the arm to a hanging IV bottle. There were many people providing entertainment for the children. They took videos, fashioned balloon animals, read children’s books, performed card tricks–the children were all adequately distracted right up to the point the scrub tech came to take them into surgery. Then they held their parent’s arms with white knuckled fists and cried out in vain for their parent’s protection. It was heart breaking. They cried until they went under. We heard their muffled screams from behind the doors of the O.R. rooms.

I wrote my quota on Sunday’s sermon between surgical sets. It is hard to write in fits and stops. I am fearful the sermon will not be knit together with a tight weave. Won’t be the first time.

Today’s funny (there were many to choose from): Rick Harper walks into the sterilization room where Jesse is writing in his moleskin journal while surrounded by a number of talking heads, “Are you writing down everyone’s words of wisdom?” [muted laughter] Jesse flips ahead to where nothing is written and holds up the journal, “Yeah, and here is Adam’s page.” [loud laughter]


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