Guatemala–Day 3

5 AM run–not so much. 6 AM run–just barely. 100 pushups–almost. Still proud?–you betcha!

17 patients today, mostly hernias. It was another late night. It is presently 12 AM in New York.

The major crisis of the day was the malfunctioning of the large autoclave machines that Steve, Adam, and I use for sterilization. Both machines were out of commission for most of the morning and we were reduced to two tiny portable autoclaves that took a long while to heat up and sterilize. Thankfully the surgery rooms operated at a crawl and so we were able to meet their demands for surgical instruments. By lunch time one autoclave was back up and running, however as I write this update the working autoclave is once again having problems. We are done with surgeries for the day and were hoping to sterilize some towels for the rest of the week this evening, but it looks like that plan is now on hold. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

The surgeries and recoveries are going according to plan (I think). So far so good. Prayer is happening. Healing abounds. Relationships are growing.

Today’s brilliant thought progresssion: Official name for the sterilization process–>asceptic technique. Proper name for sterilization crew–>asceptic technicians. Decided upon short name for asceptic technicians–>A-Team. Steve, Adam, and Jesse = The A-Team. Adam = Face. Jesse = Murdock. Steve = Mr. T (aka B.A. Barakus). Most greatly anticipated moment for Adam and Jesse–>knocking Steve out for the plane ride home.

Rick Harper, infront of the entire group, “When you travel to the waterfall, if you go under the falls, make sure you keep your mouth closed. You can ask Jesse about what happens if you don’t. [laughter, followed by Rick smoothing over the situation] We might be laughing now but when it happened we were’nt laughing, Jesse was deathly ill, no one was laughing then.” Adam responds, “I was.” [more laughter]

Adam is going to fall asleep first tonight. He he he.


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2 Responses to Guatemala–Day 3

  1. LUGDON LODGE says:

    you gotta love Adam!
    and Murdock? hmmmm…..
    You should ask Rick if you are the only person who ever got sick from the waterfall – at least then you’d get bragging rights!

  2. John says:

    Thanks for the reports Murdock. We are praying for you every day.

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