Guatemala–Day 2

Woke up at 4:30 AM (6:30 New York Time) and ran three miles. I did not intend to wake up that early, but once awake in Guatemala the only thing to do is get out of bed. The three miles was pleasant enough, the air was thick, but not suffocating. I decided to do 100 pushups to round out the workout but I was sweating so badly, and the tile surface I felt safe doing the pushups on was so slippery, I kept having my hands slip out from under me. I was like Bambi on ice. I managed a few and called it quits. I wish that exercise was like gift giving where it is the thought that counts.

Church began at 10 AM. Arriving as the service started, and finding no plastic deck chairs vacant, Steve, Adam, and I took up a standing position along the back wall of the cinder-block building. The men at the front of the church saw us standing and showed their hospitality by producing spare deck chairs and setting two additional rows of seats just before the lectern and pulpit. My experience is that it is more enjoyable to worship in the back, where you can spend the service looking at the dress and habits of the locals, and not feeling so self conscious about not knowing a lick of Spanish, and having no idea what is happening. It was impossible, however, to not accept their genuine and generous hospitality. So we made our way to the front and took seats on the second row, avoiding the front row like problem children on the first day of homeroom. A small grace came our way in that ten minutes into the two hour service an iguana meandered past the opening at the front of the church and our seats were well positioned to watch it crawl around and feed on bugs.

The surgeries did not go as planned, so our schedule was a mess. One lady went in for a hernia and gall bladder removal and the doctors liked her so much they took our her appendix, and gave her a hysterectomy for free. They just kept finding more and more wrong with her. Due to the length of the case everything else got pushed back. It is 2 AM New York Time now, and Steve, Adam, and I are just crawling into bed having sterilized all the surgical sets. We are pretty worn out. Regardless, I’ll be up at 5 AM for the morning run.

The frog is relentless. It never stops. Never, ever. I will dream about choking it to death, and eating frog legs for tomorrow’s dinner.

Favorite thing that Adam said today: “It’s not a sweater, it’s just a thick shirt.”

Night all.

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