Guatemala–Day 1


I will update this blog as I am able this next week. Our internet usage at Health Talents International’s Clinic Ezell is limited. HTI purchases a certain amount of data packets, and there are many people here that desire contact with their family. Consequently I will be sticking only with text updates (no pics or videos).

The flight into GUA provided no surprises. Steven and Adam and I were, however, pulled aside for special security screening at customs. When they scanned my bag they became concerned that I was bringing large amounts of foreign seeds into the country–a jumbo container of honey roasted peanuts was the culprit. They let me keep them. I was grateful.

As usual they served Pollo Compero (Guatemala’s version of KFC) on the three plus hour bus ride to Clinic Ezell from the Guatemala City Airport. I always limit myself to one piece of the grease soaked chicken, but because I was already feeling off from a skethy night’s sleep and the early morning flight I determined before boarding the bus to eat none. I ended up eating two. So it goes.

The roads were a mess–more so than in years past. We had one detour due to road construction that took us up into some sugar cain (sp?) fields along potted dirt roads. Everyone in the bus bobbed up and down like kernals in the final minute of a microwave popcorn cook cycle.

After arriving at the Clinic the rest of the evening was calm: unpack, dinner, orientation, introductions, prayer. I haven’t adjusted yet to the humidity, so I am laying on top of my sheets in my underwear sweating out of every pore of my body.

Tomorrow: up at six, run 10 laps (no running outside the compound again this year), shower, breakfast at 8 AM, Church at 10 AM, meetings, lunch, surgeries begin at 1 PM. There are nine surgeries scheduled. We should wrap up around 7 PM.

That’s all for now. I am going to try to tune out the loudmouth frog who has made his/her home outside my window and stare for a while at the back of my eyelids.

Peace, JP

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2 Responses to Guatemala–Day 1

  1. referencement haute savoie says:

    That was some cultural read

  2. Augenlasik says:

    I could not think you are more right…

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