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The Church and the Academy

There are things you can say in the academy that you can’t say in church.  I heard that a lot during my stay in seminary.  If I was you, I would be insulted.  Are we to believe that all the … Continue reading

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Bartending and the Eucharist

So what does a renowned Catholic liturgical scholar at Yale say is the best way to teach liturgics to those who have neglected the sacraments? “I would teach bartending classes.” He did not! Yes he did.  Read more here: Ministry … Continue reading

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Friday Levity–Cell Phones in Church

Well folks, it’s Friday once again.  Never fear, as the ‘every seven days’ deadline approaches, I am here with our weekly dose of levity.  This week I bless you with an inside look at the preacher’s greatest pet peeve–cell phones … Continue reading

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Safe in the Pulpit–A Cautionary Tale for Prophets

Have you ever been hit by a rock?  I haven’t—not even by accident, let alone on purpose.  Most people would consider that a good thing.  I’m not so sure.  A strange thing to say, I know, but hear me out. … Continue reading

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Weekly Lectionary Commentary Easter 6a

Acts 17:22-31 We’re a long way from rural Galilee this Sunday.  The gospel has come far in a very short time (from Palestine to Greece).  As it travels it puts on new clothes to fit in with the locals.  This … Continue reading

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Megan’s Secrets

Experience is a foundation for revelation.  We need not deny it, or have apprehension about it.  The God of deep providence is not entirely revealed in sacred writing and tradition, or inferred from reason.  The journey of life–the exultant crests … Continue reading

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The New World of Publishing

“The times they are a changin’” Bob Dylan’s prophetic words are hitting the publishing industry like a five ton wrecking ball.  The ‘old’ publishing, with its year lag time and its tens of thousands of dollars price tag, is out, … Continue reading

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